ZM1™ Low Amperage Line Sensor

Gain Visibility of Overhead Low-Load Feeders

The Sentient Energy ZM1 is an intelligent overhead sensor with substation-class measurement, computing and processing capabilities. The ZM1 is battery-powered and can be deployed on lines with lower current such as overhead low-load feeders, lateral lines, feeder tie points and rural distribution circuits.

ZM1 grid monitor.

The ZM1 is an element of Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System™ which consists of the MM3™ and ZM1 overhead sensors, UM3+™ underground sensors, and the Ample® Analytics Platform. The solution provides utilities with increased distribution system visibility to improve reliability and enable data-driven operational decision making.

ZM1 Low Amperage Line Sensor Features

Powerful Sensing

Sensing and measurement capabilities for the ZM1 include fault detection with magnitude, load monitoring, waveform capture, voltage presence, and current direction. The sensor is equipped with a GPS receiver for accurate location.

Advanced Network Communications

The ZM1 supports cellular communications and is wirelessly configurable allowing parameters to be adjusted as needed. Operating system and application software can be upgraded wirelessly to streamline sensor management.

Simplified Deployment

Easily installed with a hot stick, the ZM1 uses batteries that can be replaced in the field and recycled through standard battery recycling programs. With a 10-year battery life, the ZM1 provides years of maintenance-free operation.

ZM1 Low Amperage Line Sensor Applications

Fault Detection & Location

The ZM1 uses advanced fault detection algorithms to sense system faults on overhead lines in real-time, communicating fault information to the Ample Analytics Platform. With more precise fault location information, operators can dispatch crews to the correct location, significantly reducing patrol time and outage duration.

Truck next to a power line, with several workers standing next to it.
Power lines.

System Status Monitoring

Sentient Energy’s ZM1 Log-I app captures snapshots of current per a configurable schedule. The data is downloaded daily to the Ample Analytics Platform making it available to users to identify phase unbalance and improve system load profiling. The ZM1 also senses current direction, an increasingly important capability with distributed energy resources.

GPS Location

The ZM1 includes a GPS receiver to provide precise location information for the sensor with latitude, longitude, and altitude. Built into the sensor, GPS location improves the location information in SCADA, DMS and OMS systems. This is especially important, helping to reduce errors when sensors are moved to monitor different locations on the distribution system.

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