Wildfire Risk Mitigation

Why It's Important

In high wildfire threat areas, greater visibility of the distribution grid is essential. To improve vegetation management, system data, such as disturbance reporting, is an effective complement to imagery from drones and satellites. And with real-time load data from more grid locations, utilities can improve load profiling and make better switching decisions during peak fire season events.

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How It Works

Sentient Energy intelligent sensors and advanced analytics provide utilities with historical and real-time distribution data allowing for better prioritization of critical vegetation management efforts, and more informed and precise PSPS shutoff decisions. Detailed and up-to-the-minute system information on a broad set of grid health data points helps grid operators make effective safety and reliability decisions.

Key Features

Sentient Energy’s sensors capture accurate and high resolution distribution system data and send it to the Ample® software platform for management and analytics. Real-time information provided includes the following:

Wildfire Mitigation Maturity Model Assessment Categories

Sentient Energy’s MM3 and ZM1™ overhead sensors, UM3+™ Underground Line Monitor, and Ample Analytics software improve utility capabilities in five of ten assessment categories in the California Public Utilities Commission’s Wildfire Mitigation Maturity Model, as developed by Boston Consulting Group.

1. Risk Mapping and Simulation
2. Situational Awareness and Forecasting
3. Grid Design and Hardening
4. Asset Management and Inspections
5. Vegetation Management and Inspections
6. Grid Operations and Protocols
7. Data Governance
8. Resource Allocation Methodology
9. Emergency Management and Preparedness
10. Stakeholder Cooperation and Community Engagement

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