Ample® Analytics Platform

Manage Sensors and Data Effectively

Sentient Energy’s Ample Analytics Platform is a comprehensive set of tools that turns sensor data into critical information for fleet managers, network operators, network design engineers, planning engineers and reliability managers. The Ample Analytics Platform records sensor data, analyzes it over time, and provides utility engineers with feeder, circuit, and system-wide insights.

Line chart showing disturbances.

Ample is the software component of Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System™ which consists of the MM3™ and ZM1™ overhead sensors, UM3+™ underground sensors, and the Ample Analytics Platform. The solution provides utilities with increased distribution system visibility to improve reliability and enable data-driven operational decision-making.

Ample Analytics Platform Features

System Status Dashboards

Ample’s dashboards show performance indicators to help engineers ensure reliable operation of distribution circuits. Users can quickly see locations of interruptions and disturbances and identify the highest loaded and most unbalanced circuits.

Flexible Configuration Options

The Ample Analytics Platform acts as the primary visualization tool and historian for sensor data, and is flexible enough to easily integrate with other systems such as SCADA or historians. Ample can be installed on-premises in a local data center, private cloud, or in Sentient Energy’s secure cloud. If no SCADA system is available, Ample can be the primary data repository and analysis platform for all of the captured line monitor data.

Advanced Security

Whether on-premises or in-the-cloud, Ample software makes security compliance simple. Ample utilizes industry best practices to secure the sensor data throughout the communication path. Data between Ample and the sensors is secured with mutually authenticated Transport Layer Security (TLS) and a fully managed PKI. Ample Web UI security follows industry best practices including Federated Identity Management with SAML 2.0 and Single Sign On (SSO).

Ample Modules

Ample Manage

Ample Manage provides sensor fleet management to commission, configure, and over-the-air update up to 50,000 Sentient Energy sensors from one centralized application. It also contains Auto-Phase ID, capable of correctly phasing the entire deployment of sensors with only a few references.

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Screenshot of a graph showing current over time.


Ample SAIDI offers engineers and reliability managers fault reporting and location capabilities including sequence of events analysis, as well as multi-phase oscillography of all fault events. The high resolution, precision time-aligned oscillography allows users to analyze grid event forensics across multiple sensors simultaneously.

Ample Monitor

Ample Monitor allows planning engineers to get immediate detailed access to load and phase balance data at every sensor location. Users can quickly identify the overloaded and unbalanced circuits and make better decisions related to phase loading switching, integration of distributed energy resources and capacity planning.

Screenshot showing load and unbalance.
Dark purple sky with storm clouds and lightning bolts. In the foreground, there are silhouettes of trees and power lines.

Ample SAIFI Detect

Ample SAIFI Detect enables engineers to see disturbances statistics both before and after grid events. With Ample, grid operators have more detailed data on momentary interruptions and disturbance patterns allowing for preemptive actions to improve SAIFI and avoid impending issues.

Ample’s Integration Suite

Ample’s Integration Suite features a data concentrator for easy integration of 1000’s of sensors into your SCADA system via standards based protocols, and a modern web service framework for integration of sensor data into historians or data lakes. Utilities are able to connect more sensor data, such as sequence of events, load logger, oscillography, and disturbances, to their own applications, and avoid the hassle of managing the security of each sensor connection via the Key Management System.

Screenshot of a chart showing disturbance data.

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