Solutions for Improved Grid Operations

Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System™ and Grid Edge Control™ help utilities improve reliability, enhance situational awareness, and facilitate data-driven operational decisions.

Fault Detection & Location

Use intelligent sensors to detect faults in more system locations, reduce patrolling, and shorten outage durations.

Interruption & Disturbance

Improve analysis of sustained outages, momentary faults, and instantaneous disturbances with high resolution waveforms.

System Status Monitoring

Accurately monitor load, current direction, and phase identification for a more granular view of distribution system health.

Data Source to ADMS

Use sensor data to refine ADMS distance-to-fault calculations and automated fault location, isolation, and restoration schemes.

Wildfire Risk Mitigation

Enhance vegetation management efforts with disturbance data and improve situational awareness during wildfire events.

Grid Edge Control

Optimize voltage at the grid edge to reduce voltage volatility, allowing for energy savings and a higher level of solar integration.