Grid Edge Control™

Why It's Important

Controlling voltage on the low side of the distribution transformer provides utilities with significant opportunities to reduce energy costs through Volt-VAR optimization (VVO), conservation voltage reduction (CVR), and peak demand reduction. Voltage control at the grid edge also reduces voltage volatility, allowing for energy savings, a higher level of PV solar integration on distribution systems.

Breaker box.
Screenshot showing GEMS at the feeder level.

How It Works

The Sentient Energy Grid Edge Control solution includes advanced hardware and software designed to monitor and control grid edge voltage. Our Edge of Network Grid Optimization device, ENGO®, is a Dynamic VAR Controller (DVC) and the Grid Edge Management System, GEMS, is software for monitoring, configuration and peak demand management. The ENGO-V10® is connected on the secondary-side of the transformer and monitors voltage, actively injecting up to 10 kVAR to regulate voltage.

Key Features

Sentient Energy’s Grid Edge Control solution provides new capabilities for voltage control on the last segment of the distribution system:

Grid Edge Control Benefits

Delivering typical energy savings of 3-5% through VVO, CVR and peak demand reduction, Sentient Energy Grid Edge Control provides a greater return on investment than many other energy efficiency options. And with no need to power down customers during installation, deployment of ENGO-V10 is easy and quick, and can be done with a minimal crew. Grid Edge Control with the ENGO-V10 and GEMS helps utilities more reliably integrate PV solar and EV charging into the grid edge, helping smooth the voltage fluctuations they cause.

Screenshot showing a map with GEMS.