Grid Analytics System™

Use Sensor Data & Insights to Drive Decisions

Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System consists of MM3™ and ZM1™ overhead intelligent sensors, UM3+™ underground intelligent sensors, and the Ample® Analytics Platform. The solution provides utilities with increased distribution system visibility to improve reliability and enable data-driven operational decision-making.

Grid Analytics System Features

Complete Solution

The Grid Analytics System includes all the components needed to provide utilities with increased visibility and actionable insights for effective distribution grid management:

  • Line-powered overhead sensors for main feeder lines
  • Battery-powered overhead sensors for laterals and other lower current line spans
  • Undergrounds sensors for 3-12 phase pad mounted enclosures or vaults
  • Sensor management software
  • Data management software
  • Analytics

Advanced Sensing Capabilities

All three Sentient Energy Intelligent Sensors, MM3, ZM1 and UM3+, capture system data with high accuracy and resolution including:

  • Permanent faults
  • Momentary faults
  • Disturbances
  • Load current
  • Current direction
  • Waveforms (at up to 256 samples per cycle)

Proven Deployment Process

Sentient Energy has sensors deployed at over 25 of the largest utilities across North America, with well over 1 billion sensor hours in the field. Numerous implementations at leading utilities across the globe have helped us build an experienced deployment team, fine-tune our methodologies, and leverage most current industry best practices.

Grid Analytics System Applications

Fault Detection & Location

The sensors in the Grid Analytics System use advanced fault detection algorithms to sense system faults on overhead and underground lines in real-time, communicating fault information immediately to the utility control center for integration with SCADA, DMS or OMS systems. With more precise fault location information, operators can dispatch crews to the correct location, significantly reducing patrol time and outage duration. The MM3 and Ample also work together to determine whether a fault is phase-to-phase or phase-to-phase-to-ground.

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Interruption & Disturbance Analysis

The MM3/ZM1/UM3+ sensors are equipped with high resolution waveform capability at a rate of 130/130/256 samples per cycle. The sensors capture and record waveforms of faults and line disturbances. MM3 and UM3+ waveform data for faults is available immediately in Ample, with data for disturbances stored locally on the sensor and available for download to Ample when needed.

System Status Monitoring

Sensors with the Log-I app continually measure current and temperature for load monitoring purposes. This collected data is processed on the device and critical information such as alerts, daily peaks, and averages are reported to Ample analytics software. Sensors also determine current direction which is increasingly important with distributed energy resources integration. Additionally, waveform data from the MM3 allows Ample to validate sensor phase identification.

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