Innovative Products Designed for Electric Utilities

Sentient Energy’s portfolio of intelligent sensors, analytics, monitoring and control devices, and management software improve the operation of utility distribution systems.

Screenshot of graphs showing load current.

Grid Analytics System™

Sentient Energy’s complete Grid Analytics System consists of intelligent sensors, distributed applications, and our Ample® Analytics Platform.

Screenshot of a graph showing current over time.

Ample® Analytics Platform

The Ample Analytics Platform is a scalable solution for the management of Sentient Energy’s MM3™ line sensors, as well as the viewing and analysis of massive amounts of remote sensor data. Not only does Ample serve as a data repository and analytics platform, but also as the integration platform for SCADA and DMS.

MM3 Sensor.

MM3™ Intelligent Sensor

Sentient Energy's MM3 is an intelligent overhead sensor with substation-class measurement, computing and procesing capabilities. The MM3 is a powerful sensor designed to be a platform for a set of applications.

ZM1 grid monitor.

ZM1™ Zero Amperage Line Sensor

The Sentient Energy ZM1 is the world’s first advanced line monitor that can be deployed on distribution lines where very little to no amperage is available to power other monitoring devices, including laterals, feeder tie points, and rural distribution circuits.

UM3 line monitor.

UM3+™ Underground Line Sensor

Sentient Energy’s UM3+ line sensor is the latest addition to a growing suite of intelligent sensors, and makes advanced grid analytics available for underground distribution circuits for the first time. Its modular design allows utilities the ability to address their underground priorities with one uniform solution.

ENGO device on top of a screenshot showing GEMS.


The Sentient Energy Edge of Network Grid Optimization (ENGO-V10) device and Grid Edge Management System (GEMS) work together to create the Grid Edge Control solution for voltage optimization.