Public Power Solutions

We understand the unique challenges facing public power utilities of all sizes. Our intelligent line sensing, data analytics, and optimization technologies help public power utilities improve safety, reliability, and efficiency, while reducing energy and O&M costs.

Enhanced Reliability

Our intelligent sensors cover overhead feeders, laterals, and underground lines, providing a fast, cost-effective way to reduce outage duration and increase field crew productivity.

Grid Visibility & Reduced O&M Costs

Acting as a utility’s “eyes and ears” in the field, high-resolution sensors identify and analyze momentary faults and disturbances, allowing for preemptive action, and heading off larger, more sustained problems.

DER & EV Integration

Increasingly, renewable energy and electric vehicle grid integration cause demand and load pattern changes. Our intelligent sensors help manage bi-directional grid reliability.

Manpower & Resources

Easy-to-install sensors and customizable, targeted alerts with simplicity of monitoring save valuable manpower and resources.

Association Memberships

Sentient Energy understands that member and community-owned power companies differ from their investor-owned counterparts. This is why we are a member of both the APPA (American Public Power Association) and the NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperative Association).

Red and blue American Public Power Association logo.

The American Public Power Association is the service organization for the more than 2,000 U.S. community-owned electric utilities that serve more than 49 million Americans.

Green NRECA logo.

NRECA is the national service organization that represents more than 900 consumer-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperatives, public power districts, and public utility districts in the United States.

Experienced Sales Partners

We provide our trusted sales partners with exclusive selling rights to Sentient Energy technologies and resources to meet the unique needs of utilities in their respective regions. Our growing list of expert sales organizations includes:

Public Power Customer Successes

Green and blue New Braunfels Utilities logo.

New Braunfels Utilities Partners with Sentient Energy to Improve Disturbance Management and Fault Detection Operations

New Braunfels Utilities (NBU), a Texas based industry-leading utility, recently partnered with
Sentient Energy® to improve their grid operations and fault detection practices. Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System™ and intelligent sensors quickly provided significant benefits including reduction of power interruption frequency and duration. [read more]

Interested in learning more about Sentient Energy’s work with New Braunfels Utilities? Click here to access the recording of our April 2020 Tech Talk in which Justin Stroupe provides a New Braunfels Utilities case study.

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