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Sentient Energy solutions are used globally by utilities of every size to enhance the delivery of safe, reliable, and efficient power. We love partnering for success with our customers!

Our Customers Include

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Success Stories

New Braunfels Utilites Improves SAIFI and Disturbance Management with Intelligent Sensors

Outside of the New Braunfels Utilities building.
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What are Intelligent Line Sensors and How Do They Help You?

Case Studies

Feeder Fault Isolation & Restoration

Intelligent line sensors complement legacy devices with visibility and communications capabilities.

Utilizing Line Sensors for Substation Monitoring

Line Sensors offer a cost-effective option to increase visibility at substations.

PG&E Quantifying SAIDI Reduction

Line sensors improve reliability with fault detection and accurate load data at more locations.

FPL Automatic Phase Identification

An automated solution to ensure accurate phase identification at all sensor deployment locations.