Our Mission is to Create an Empowered World Where Energy is Accessible to All.

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By enabling decisions using grid edge technologies, we help orchestrate the transformation of the power grid.

Sentient Energy, a Koch Engineered Solutions company, is the premier provider of intelligent sensing, data analytics, optimization, and control technologies for the distribution grid. Our hardware and software solutions help electric utilities make data-driven decisions to enhance the delivery of safe, reliable, and efficient power while preparing for the needs of tomorrow’s distribution grid.


With deep experience leading power and technology companies, and decades of expertise in distribution grid automation, networking and software, power engineering, and advanced data analytics, our leadership team guides Sentient Energy’s focus on innovation and customer success.

Headshot of Venkat Bahl wearing a suit and smiling.

Venkat Bahl

Chief Revenue Officer and SVP of Customer Operations

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Learn how we can help your utility address today's power delivery challenges while preparing for tomorrow's distribution grid needs.