New platform from Koch Engineered Solutions companies will enable data-driven grid management decisions for optimal safety, reliability, and modernization initiatives.

Wichita, KS – January 28th, 2021 – Koch Engineered Solutions (KES) companies, Sentient Energy and OnPoint Digital Solutions, today announced a partnership that combines their deep domain expertise and complementary capabilities to create targeted predictive analytics outcomes for electric utilities. The collaboration brings together extensive electrical, environmental and other situational data with the speed and machine-learning power of performance-analytics to produce a uniquely valuable grid management tool.

As the leading intelligent sensor platform provider to North America’s top electric utilities, Sentient Energy’s grid-wide sensor footprint is an unparalleled source of high-fidelity waveform data. The powerful advanced analytics driving OnPoint’s CORTEX™ platform will leverage this rich data, providing significant speed and scaling to create actionable predictions specific to each utility’s diverse grid management scenarios and needs. Actionable, location-specific insights on faults and failures will enable proactive maintenance of issues before they become outages — resulting in better safety, reliability, and lower operating and maintenance costs for utilities and their stakeholders.

Aging infrastructure, widespread deployment of distributed energy resources, extreme weather and wildfires mean ever-growing complexity for today’s grid operators. This complexity requires solutions that allow for data-driven asset management, grid planning, operation, and reliability decisions to effectively address their most pressing grid needs. Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System™ and OnPoint’s CORTEX™ performance analytics platform provide customers with an enhanced single solution for real-time monitoring, alerting, analysis and scaling thousands of predictive models at the grid edge and in the cloud.

“Today’s announcement represents valuable synergy that will address real-world problems through ongoing partnership and collaboration with utilities. It’s a force multiplier for KES and its customers,” said Brent Youngers, Vice President of Digital & Analytics at OnPoint. “We now have an integrated environment for continuous development and delivery of analytics outcomes, empowering subject matter experts and domain data scientists to build and deliver analytics solutions and iterate faster.”

“We’re already seeing high accuracy predictions of critical equipment failure, days in advance of the actual event. Not only that, the partnership of expert capabilities between Sentient Energy and OnPoint allows us to also provide performance-based asset condition analysis to our customers,” said Venkat Bahl, Sentient Energy’s Chief Revenue Officer. “This groundbreaking predictive grid analytics journey is only just starting — we now have opportunities to predict so much more.”

Acquired by Koch Engineered Solutions in March 2020, Sentient Energy has significant utility industry   expertise, with an established team in grid analytics and waveform machine learning technologies. OnPoint, a connected solutions business launched by KES in April 2020,  provides a connected ecosystem to deliver real-time advanced analytics and machine learning insights for its partners and their customers.


About Sentient Energy

Sentient Energy, a Koch Engineered Solutions company, is the premier Intelligent Sensing Platform Provider for power utilities.  Sentient Energy provides the industry’s only Grid Analytics System that covers the entire distribution network with quickly-deployed intelligent sensors and analytics that identify and analyze potential faults and other grid events.  Sentient Energy leads the market with the largest mesh network line sensor deployments in North America helping utilities deliver power reliably and safely.  Sentient Energy partners with the majority of leading utility network communication providers. For more information visit

About OnPoint

OnPoint Digital Solutions is a connected solutions business within Koch Engineered Solutions, a unit of Koch Industries, Inc., that leverages unique engineering capabilities and expertise in combination with digital technology. The OnPoint solutions portfolio drives advanced, actionable insights to help customers identify root causes, analyze performance, and optimize equipment as well as plant operations to improve efficiency, yield, reliability, environmental performance, and safety. More information is available at

About Koch Engineered Solutions

KES provides uniquely engineered solutions in mass and heat transfer, combustion and emissions controls, filtration, separation, materials applications, automation and actuation. KES is located in Wichita, Kansas and is a subsidiary of Koch Industries, one of the largest private companies in the world. KES delivers superior value in developing, integrating, and applying innovative technical and service solutions for industrial value chains. More information is available at


Sentient Energy Media Contact
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