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Utilizing Line Sensors for Accurate & Efficient Substation Monitoring

Line Sensors offer a cost-effective option to increase visibility at substations.
The challenge

Manitoba Hydro has more than 400 substations spread across the 250,000 square miles of the Province of Manitoba with no RTUs or other forms of automated communications. Manitoba Hydro wanted to prioritize upgrade project at locations which might be overloaded. To collect system data they were sending out service crews to each substation twice a year with load loggers to record peak load readings. Manitoba Hydro wanted to automate and improve this data collection process.

The Solution

The utility began testing intelligent line sensors as an effective real-time substation monitoring alternative. They deployed Sentient Energy MM3™ sensors on feeders just outside the substations to monitor load current and liked the fact that the sensors are line-powered, without the need for an external power source like an RTU. During field trials Manitoba Hydro learned that our MM3 sensors could be deployed and begin communicating data through cellular networks in only an hour. Sentient Energy’s MM3 sensors proved to be an effective automation solution for Manitoba Hydro’s monitoring of load data at distribution substations, allowing for better prioritization of future upgrade projects.


Better System Data

Intelligent sensors capture load data at the substation with greater accuracy than alternatives

Rapid Deployment

During field trials Manitoba Hydro had Sentient Energy MM3 sensors deployed, provisioned, and communicating data through cellular networks in only an hour.

Additional Capabilities

Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System provides fault detection with high resolution waveforms.

Layered Security

Sensors and Ample secure data and access using multiple layers of cybersecurity.

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