ENGO® and GEMS® Grid Edge Voltage Control

Grid Edge Voltage Control

The Edge of Network Grid Optimization (ENGO-V10) device and Grid Edge Management System (GEMS) work together to create the Sentient Energy Grid Edge Control™ solution. ENGO is a dynamic VAR controller (DVC) and GEMS is software for monitoring, configuration, and peak demand management. Each ENGO DVC autonomously injects up to 10 kVAR to reduce voltage volatility and deliver typical energy savings of 3-5% through Volt-VAR optimization (VVO), Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR), and peak demand reduction programs.

ENGO device on top of a screenshot showing GEMS.

ENGO & GEMS Features

Voltage Regulation at the Edge of the Grid

The ENGO-V10 is connected on the customer side of the transformer at 208, 240, or 277 volts. It monitors the line voltage and actively adjusts the voltage level by injecting reactive power when the observed line voltage drops below a configurable setpoint. Each ENGO-V10 is capable of injecting 1 kVAR increments on a sub-cycle basis up to 10 kVAR.

Remote Configuration & Monitoring

The ENGO-V10 can communicate via either cellular or mesh networks to a head-end system. GEMS provides real-time visibility of all ENGO-V10 activity and enables remote setpoint changes and firmware upgrades.

Ease of Deployment

The ENGO-V10 is easily mounted on either a pole top or integrated with a padmount service transformer, and weighs only 48 pounds. ENGO-V10 units are deployed on the secondary side, so there is no need to power down customers during installation.

ENGO & GEMS Applications

Voltage Conservation

With reduced voltage volatility enabled by the ENGO-V10 and GEMS solution, utilities can lower voltage at the substation while improving power quality to customers. In field deployments, ENGO-V10 and GEMS have helped utilities achieve 5% reductions in voltage and thus 3-5% energy savings.

ENGO device.
Screenshot showing a map with GEMS.

Peak Demand Reduction

Peak demand reduction is attained by applying ENGO and GEMS together with Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) to allow operating at the low end of the acceptable voltage supply. With voltages stabilized by ENGO devices, utilities can optimally reduce the voltage at substations and reduce peak demand.

Integration of PV Solar

Voltage fluctuations associated with intermittent power from solar generation degrade power quality and increase wear on primary equipment, causing utilities to limit solar penetration on their distribution systems. ENGO and GEMS smooth these fluctuations and reduce system stress caused by PV solar, enabling increased adoption of solar generation on the distribution grid and helping utilities achieve their target for integrating more renewables.

Screenshot showing GEMS at the feeder level.

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