System Status Monitoring

Why It's Important

Today’s distribution systems are becoming more complex and dynamic with increased distributed generation and aging assets. Intelligent sensors and analytics software offer utilities a simple and cost-effective solution to accurately monitor load, current direction, and phase identification at additional points on the grid — each facilitating data-driven decisions for more strategic grid operation.

Screenshot showing load and disturbance.
Worker in a cherry picker servicing a power line.

How It Works

Sensors can be deployed on overhead and underground lines to monitor load and identify overloaded segments and phase unbalance. Load data helps engineers make better decisions related to phase loading switching, integration of distributed energy resources and capacity planning.

Key Features

Sentient Energy’s MM3™, ZM1™, and UM3+™ intelligent sensors plus Ample® Analytics software work in combination to deliver the following system status information:

System Status Monitoring Benefits

In addition to load data, our Grid Analytics System™ indicates the direction that current is flowing — an increasingly important grid visibility element as more distributed generation is added to distribution systems.

The MM3 sensor and Ample Analytics also supports phase identification to ensure that sensors on phases A, B, and C are configured properly. Phase identification catches possible errors in phase assignment during initial installation or when changes are made on the system over time.

Monitoring load, current direction, and phase identification with Sentient Energy intelligent sensors and analytics software at additional points on the distribution system, gives utilities a more granular view of system health.

Screenshot showing graphs.