MM3™ Intelligent Sensor

Increase Visibility of Overhead Lines

Sentient Energy’s MM3 is an intelligent overhead sensor with substation-class measurement, computing and processing capabilities. The MM3 is a powerful sensor designed to be a platform for a set of applications.

MM3 Sensor.

The MM3 is a foundational element of Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System™ which consists of the MM3 and ZM1™ overhead sensors, UM3+™ underground sensors, and the Ample® Analytics Platform. The solution provides utilities with increased distribution system visibility to improve reliability and enable data-driven operational decision making.

MM3 Intelligent Sensor Features

Powerful Sensing

Sensing and measurement capabilities for the MM3 include current, conductor temperature, voltage characteristics, GPS for location, and a precision clock.

Advanced Network Communications

The MM3 supports cellular or mesh communications and is wirelessly configurable, allowing parameters to be easily adjusted as needed. Its software can also be securely upgraded over-the-air to streamline sensor management.

Line Powering

Sentient Energy’s patented power harvesting technology, IBOLT™, generates all the power the MM3 needs from the magnetic field surrounding a conductor carrying as little as 6A. This power harvesting eliminates the need for maintenance of batteries and cleaning of sensor solar panels.

Grid Analytics System Applications

Fault Detection & Location

The MM3 uses advanced fault detection algorithms to sense system faults on overhead lines in real-time, communicating fault information immediately to the utility control center for integration with SCADA, DMS or OMS systems. With more precise fault location information, operators can dispatch crews to the correct location, significantly reducing patrol time and outage duration.

Bucket of a cherry picker held up to a power line.
3 MM3 Sensors on power lines.

Interruption & Disturbance Analysis

Equipped with high resolution waveform capability at a rate of 130 samples per cycle, the MM3 captures and records waveforms of faults and line disturbances. Complete current and E-field waveform data is stored locally on the MM3 and automatically downloads to Ample analytics software.

System Status Monitoring

The MM3 Log-I app continually measures current and temperature for load monitoring purposes. Collected data is processed on the device and critical information such as alerts, daily peaks, and averages are reported to Ample analytics software. The MM3 also senses current direction, which is increasingly important with distributed energy resources, and waveform data that allows Ample to validate sensor phase identification.

Screenshot showing load and unbalance.

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