Growing partner ecosystem brings pre-emptive grid monitoring and analytics to more utility companies across North America to improve energy reliability and increase efficiencies in power delivery

Frisco, TX, April 22nd, 2021 – Sentient Energy Inc., a Koch Engineered Solutions company and the leading provider of advanced grid monitoring and analytics for electric utilities, today announced the expansion of its Manufacturing Sales Representative Partner Program, signing agreements with several industry-expert local sales partners. The program provides Sentient Energy’s regional sales partners with exclusive selling rights to its advanced technologies, training and resources to grow their businesses and meet the unique needs of utilities in their respective regions. This expanded ecosystem of industry-expert manufacturer’s sales representative partners significantly expands Sentient Energy’s reach, enabling the company to help more electric utilities improve reliability and uncover game-changing operational efficiencies with its industry-leading grid monitoring and analytics solutions.

Aging energy infrastructure, widespread deployment of distributed energy resources, extreme weather and wildfires mean ever-growing complexity for today’s grid operators. This complexity requires utilities to use cutting-edge solutions that allow for data-driven asset management, grid planning, operations, and reliability decisions to effectively address their most pressing grid needs. Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics Systemä gives utilities the industry’s most comprehensive solution, delivering unparalleled distribution grid visibility, analytics, and pre-emptive control for greater safety, reliability, and efficiency of the entire distribution grid.

With plans to continue building a network of Manufacturer Sales Representative Partners that will cover all of North America, Sentient Energy’s growing list of trusted partner sales organizations includes:

Each company is a member of the Electrical Equipment Representatives Association (EERA).

“By leveraging the local and regional industry experience of these trusted sales representatives, we’re able to stay well-attuned to the needs of electric utilities across North America, especially those utilities that are progressive in adopting technology to improve reliability, reduce O & M costs and resource needs,” said Gene Jakubowski, Senior Director of Sales at Sentient Energy. “This level of experience guides our flexible solutions approach — so that every electric utility, regardless of size or operating constraints, is enabled to advance their power delivery safety and reliability goals.”

About Sentient Energy

Sentient Energy, a Koch Engineered Solutions company, is the premier provider of intelligent sensing, data analytics, optimization, and control technologies for the distribution grid. Sentient Energy’s hardware and software solutions help electric utilities make data-driven decisions to enhance the delivery of reliable, safe, and efficient power. With the industry’s only Grid Analytics Systemä that covers the entire distribution network, Sentient Energy leads the global market with the largest network of line sensor deployments in North America, gathering rich data in real time for predictive insights and strategic grid management. Sentient Energy’s Grid Edge Control solutions enable utilities to reduce energy costs at the grid edge through Volt-VAR optimization, conservation voltage reduction, and peak demand reduction. Sentient Energy partners with leading communications network providers. For more information, visit

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