Burlingame, Calif., May 12, 2017 – Sentient Energy, Inc., a leading provider of advanced grid monitoring and analytics solutions for electric utilities, today announced that Manitoba Hydro has selected the Sentient Energy Grid Analytics System and MM3™ distribution grid sensors to support the utility’s “Worst Feeder Program” initiative. The Sentient Energy platform will allow Manitoba Hydro to identify system faults faster and restore power to more customers in a shorter period of time at the most critical points on its distribution grid.The Sentient Energy MM3 Sensors offer built-in support of the latest generation 4G LTE cellular communications technology as well as 3G and other legacy cellular standards in each unit, providing Manitoba Hydro with the highest availability, reliability, and widest coverage via cellular networks in the world today. The Sentient Energy Grid Analytics System and MM3 Sensors will also enable Manitoba Hydro to monitor peak load, detect anomalies that could lead to future service interruptions, and quickly pinpoint faults faster for significant improvements in power reliability.

Headquarted in Winnipeg, Manitoba Hydro is a Crown Corporation and the Canadian province of Manitoba’s major energy utility, serving 567,634 electric customers throughout Manitoba and 276,858 natural gas customers in various communities throughout southern Manitoba. The capital efficiency provided by Sentient’s Grid Analytics System continues to perform as a market leader compared to other reliability improvement programs. Implementing this project, Manitoba will continue benefitting from Sentient’s proven return on investment, already recognized at major utilities across North America.

After extensive field testing, Manitoba Hydro chose the Sentient Energy Grid Analytics System and MM3 Sensors for their accuracy and reliability, multiple expansion options via easy addition of backend and in-sensor software, quick and easy deployment and provisioning, power harvesting technology that requires no additional pole-mounted equipment, and support for the latest generation 4G LTE cellular communications. The 4G LTE will offer the “Worst Feeder Program” faster, more reliable data communications providing Manitoba with 24/7 grid monitoring, even at locations with limited accessibility during Winter months.

Sentient’s 4G LTE-compatible grid analytics and sensor platform can be quickly deployed with virtually no additional infrastructure costs, making it an ideal option for utilities without a suitable Distribution Automation network, or that have service areas that extend beyond the reach of their network.