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By Bob Karschnia, CEO

It’s hard to believe that 100 days have passed since I joined Sentient Energy as CEO. I’ve had an opportunity to dive deeply into the company, the industry sector that we lead, and see the opportunity for positive impact that we have. It’s been enlightening to learn the priorities and challenges that our customers face, and to gain an understanding of how they are tackling the future. I am now more sure than ever that Sentient Energy is poised to have a tremendous, positive impact as we strive to achieve our mission of creating an empowered world where energy is accessible to all.

I believe the true value of any company is its people first, and its products second. Having had time to get to know the Sentient Energy team, I’ve discovered that the company is home to a collective brain trust who bring invaluable technical capabilities and an understanding of the power industry’s nuances and challenges. Not only is this team delivering solutions that improve overall grid edge reliability and safety today, but it is a team that is also adept at meaningful innovation. Our development teams are driving the rapid delivery of technologies that are extending the life and safety of our aging grid while also discovering new solutions to meet the needs of a power-hungry world. This team gives me confidence in our ability to deliver on our big mission.

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Sentient Energy’s products and services help solve today’s distribution grid problems while providing a robust foundation for future innovation. We’re well positioned to deliver even deeper and more actionable predictive analytics, increased precision in grid management and safety, and more efficient operations for utilities of all sizes. While our success thus far has been remarkable, we are only just beginning to tap into what’s possible. As we prioritize and deliver important new capabilities, we believe that our products will become integral to virtually every modernized distribution grid—helping to ensure reliable integration of distributed energy resources, manage new demand patterns and power quality, and facilitate the evolving democratization of energy.

In the last 100 days, I’ve had the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the challenges faced by our customers. While they vary in size and location, I’ve learned that the challenges they face are very similar. Many are operating very complex distribution systems which contain antiquated technology. And virtually all are asking their infrastructure to perform in ways for which it wasn’t designed. It’s gratifying that we are working with these customers to extend the usefulness and reliability of their grid today while being in a position to help them plan for the future.

And finally, I am encouraged about our ability to accelerate innovation as we work with our partners. Safe, reliable and efficient energy distribution and use are key concerns of communities, cities, states and countries around the globe. Everyone is racing toward a future of more reliable and safer power that is available anytime and anywhere. We plan to work with an expanding ecosystem of forward-looking partners to transform energy distribution and management in meaningful and beneficial ways. In the end, it will take a large network of likeminded companies and organizations, to drive the vision forward. We are proud to be part of the future of energy, and I couldn’t be more excited about leading Sentient Energy on this journey.